About NIC

The National Informatics centre (NIC) was set up in March 1977 by the Government of India. From the genesis of the concept of NIC in 1973 to its nucleation by 1975 and followed by commissioning of NICNET in 1977, it has been a phase of innovation penetrating through the barriers of conservatism in Govt. Organizations for Computer based Information System. With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with all the State Governments and with their active support in implementing the computer-communication network, NICNET, the National Informatics Centre has become a bridge between the State Governments and the Central Government on the one hand and the State Governments and their District administrations on the other. In NIC's approach to National Informatics, therefore, the State Government becomes a focal point with downward coordination with the District Administrations and upward coordination with the Central Government Departments. The greatest asset of NIC, today, is its pool of about 3000 well trained and motivated computer personnel, specialized in informatics, working with dedication and quietly catalyzing the transformation of work culture in the Ministries/Departments. The principal objectives of NIC include:
• Development of computer-based information systems in various sectors of the economy for planning, project monitoring and decision support.
• Promotion of informatics culture at District. State and National Level.
• Improvement of the analytical capability and presentation of information utilised for National, State and District level planning.
• Development of modelling, forecasting and simulation techniques' that are required for planning and decision support.
• Establishment of a computer-communication network ensuring ready access of information across the nation and enabling optimal use of resources.
• Evolving standards for data collection, compilation and dissemination, with the cooperation of related agencies at District, State and Central levels.