Geography of Gonda

Location, Boundaries, Area & Population
The district lies between 26º 47' and 27º- 20' north latitude and 81º 30' and 82º 46' east longitude It is head quarter of Devi Patan division which was constituted by praline of Faizabad division District Balrampur makes its boundaries in north. To its west it is bounded by district Bahraich and some part of Srawasti on the east by the district Basti . In the south it is separated from district's Bara Banki and Faizabad by the river Ghaghara . In shape it is very irregular and seems as Cup widest in North narrowest in south . It has got physical boundaries on two sides Kuon river in the North and as Ghaghar a river in the South. Its length from Jarwal road in the West to Katra (Shivadayal Ganj) is 106 kms and width from kuaon in the north to Paska in the south is 77 kms.

Before the division of district in 1997 it cover's on area of 7331 sq. km. on 25 May 1997 a new district Balrampur was constituted by separation of its 40% northern parts . Remaining area of the district Gonda is now 4448sq. kms. Owing to the fluvial action Ghaghara frequent changes take place in the area of the district

India is a tropical country & has got Monsooni climate. Gonda being a plainy district is not an exception. It has got the same climate that of the country in generate. There are three seasons,summer,rainy and winter. Summer is from March to June. The average temperature of the summer is nearly 30°c. Hot wind namely ‘Loo’ blows in May and in early June. Rainy season is from July to October. Rainy take place mostly up to September winter is from. November to February last half of December and first half of January are maximum cold.

As for as the form of natural vegetation in Gonda is concerned, there are two remarkable areas,One the forests of kuwano,which has various types of prees lipe Sagon ,Haldu, Sal,Shishaw, Tibau,Mahua, Bass ,Neem, Jamun, Mayo etc.To the forest of Mankapur to Tipri and around Tipri.The types of press are Tibau ,Sakhu,Sal etc. Sandy Lomay and clay are the types of soils found in Gonda. Water per collars downward in sandy soils , so those are not very fertile . Never the less , Zayad crops are produced near the batps of rivers in this soil. Loamy soil is fertile. It has fossils and minerals also. It is found in uproar part of Gonda.

The colour of loamy soil is light yellow. It is found around Khorahsa,DumariyaDeeh, Gonda etc. India thok Mankapur etc. Clay soils can hold water in it, so it is suitable far those crops, which require more water , specially paddy. It becomes hard when dries it is found around ColonelGanj, Itiathok and Mankapur.