Gonda district is located in Uttar Deivipatan Commissionery of Ghaghra river in Puravanchal of Uttar Pradesh state. District Basti on the eastern boundary of the district is Bahraich district in the west, Balrampur district in the north and Faizabad and Barabanki districts in the south. In the map of the world, the district Gonda is situated between 26’41 to 27’51 degrees North latitude and 81’30 to 82-06 east in the middle of the longitude.
The total area of the district is 4003 sq km, which is 28.13% of area area of the Deivipatan Commissionery . In this district, 04 tehsils are Gonda, Mankapur, Colonelganj, and Tarabganj. The area of Tehsil Gonda is 1249.48 sq km of Tehsil Mankapur, 763.70 sq km of Tarabganj, 963.31 sq km and 1026.51 sq km of Colonelganj. In this way, 31.21% of the total area of Gondia district is in the area of tehsil Gonda 19.07% tehsil Mankapur 24.06% tehsil Tarabganj and 25.64% tehsil Colonelganj area.

In the district, Barahi Devi, Khaira Bhavani and Shankar ji, Dukhharan Nath and Prithvi Nath Temple are holding their heritage from long periods. There is a lot of backward districts of the district, East Janpada, Tehsil Karanlanganj and Tarabganj are situated in the foothills of Saru Ghagra, that is why this There is an equal probability of flood and droughts in the area, nevertheless, this region is fertile due to naturalisticness.

The district is decorated with its historical glory . It has been the leader of the country’s independence movement. King Devi Bakash Singh of this country was a brave warrior and patriot King, who also fought with the Britishers in the freedom movement, to save his life and his family gave. The Sagra pond constructed by them is still increasing the beauty of the city.

In the district there are three streams of Ghaghra, Saryu and Kuano. Apart from this, Bisuhi Manavar and Tedhi seasonal river Ghaghra river flows east which forms the southern boundary of the district, from the south-west direction of the Saryu river district, the development block enters the Colonelganj and joins the Ghaghra river near Paska.

It is in the upper field of the Saryu that the Gonad falls. The Gonad where the singing takes place – The mention of village Nardani Yatra Tatra Gonardam has come in many places. Maharishi Patanjali, who writes Mahatma written on the astadhayai of Panini, writes himself as a Gonardya. The Gordidian opinion has been mentioned in Kamasutra also. It is said that this region was covered with forests. It was said that this land of skill Raj was the land. Ikshvakvanshiya King Dilip had served Nandini in this area. Vasishtha’s ashram was in this area near Ayodhya Due to this, this place has been the place to visit and pray for the Munis.