“Transforming Gonda: A Glimpse into Progress”

The coffee table book “Transforming Gonda,” based on the Gonda district, was launched by the Honorable Minister in Charge, Shri Anil Rajbhar Ji, on June 21, 2024, coinciding with International Yoga Day. Compiled under the initiative of District Magistrate Mrs. Neha Sharma, this book weaves together the glorious past, present achievements, and future prospects of Gonda district. The book beautifully depicts Gonda’s historical sites, cultural heritage, and natural beauty.

Additionally, “Transforming Gonda” provides a detailed description of the ongoing development works, schemes, and projects in the district. This book is a matter of pride not only for the residents of Gonda but also serves as a medium for outsiders to understand the district’s culture and journey of development. Readers gain a comprehensive perspective on Gonda’s history and modern progress, witnessing the district’s prosperity and bright future.